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This piece is designed to activate your heart in all areas of love. As you open your heart to love you will find that you are the one you have been looking for!


You are the love and the more you can allow love into your heart in a balanced grounded way the more you can recieve. You will be able to give and receive love equally, so you can accomplish your greatest dreams by opening your heart to love!!!!!


The crystal is a Rose Quartz crystal that I picked, cut, and polished with my hands. I set the intention of love by giving love into this piece. Everything is hand crafted from love, so you will be able to feel the love you seek. You are it!


The dangling piece hanging between the nose is an Egyptian Scarab made by Red Jasper from ancient Egypt. It is a ground stone that provides stability and balance. It worked on the lower chakras to enhance creatively by getting thigs accomplished.


The material in this piece are Rose Quartz, beads, crystals, and treated 14k plated chain.

Rose Quartz Heart Activation

SKU: 8787687
  • Returns are accepted within 3 days after receiving the item if you feel don’t resonate with this piece. You are welcomed to return item as new or exchange for another piece. If any repairs are needed afterwards, please contact me directly. There is a small fee for repairs.

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