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My Story

My name is Amy StarDust


I've been on a deep spiritual journey for the last 20 years! Well the truth is since I was born into this world. I am what you call a "Starseed" who is a spirit incarnated into this world to help inspire and raise people frequencies by seeing their light. I have the ability to see in you what you may not see in yourself, which is the light that shines brightly within you! THIS IS YOUR GIFT!

Over the last 20 years of my life I have been educating myself by training my inner spiritual gifts. I have studied a variety of energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Physic  Surgery (removing blocked energy within the body) as well as creating my own energy awareness by channeling my higher self who I call "I AM" or just "AM!"

Also, I've learned many inspirational teachings from amazing spiritual leaders who I've personally resonated with and love so much. Some of these teachers are Debra King, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Denise Linn, Sonia Choquette, and so many more!  What I can say about them is they have changed my life! I've also traveled around the world learning many different cultures, and their wisdom of spirituality and just living life!

What I come to discover in my recent years is how I have an innate wisdom within me, and the information that I need I can pull them out like a magnet! WE ALL DO CAN DO THIS!!! This has allowed me to embrace my own healing gifts that I'm now so grateful to know that I have BEEN BORN WITH. During the many challenges and adversaries, I have faced in my life, I learned how to use these gifts to help me grow and expand myself to be the best version I choose to be! Now I can be of service for you to help you do the same, and to see your own inner gifts you were born with. 


My Approach

I am here to help INSPIRE YOU!

This is my purpose in life, and how I can be of service to this world. What this means is I can see your potential and help bring it out of you! It's already in you, and it never left. Your light is your light, and is ready to shine as bright as you let it!

My approach is simple! I open my heart to you and listen. Once I feel you I can then lead the way to who you truly are not who you think you are by pulling out your gifts!

This also applies to your healing! Your body is always communicating with you, and is begging for you to stop and listen. I can help lead the areas of you body needs an energy release. Just like spring cleaning when you have a build up of dust you also have a build up of energy that may not serve you. Then it's time to clear the dirt so you can have a shinny home agian, and your home is your body and temple!

The first approach is listening to ALL OF YOU! Then as the answered reveal themselves the solutions soon follow! As we dive deeper into your healing layers we can get closer to the core, and this is when the healing continues. 

You will also have to do your part! Healing doesn't happen all at once and all by itself! It takes patience, persistent, and presence. We work together, I don't just work for you! 

What I can say is once you learn how you can continue to heal yourself you will feel so powerful and revitalized! Becoming the version of yourself you choose to be!

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