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Labradorite Magic Power Activation


This piece is designed to activate your power! The shape is a powerful triangle shape used by the agent Egyptian and Atlantean times. This piece has a high level of energy that helps to enhance your psychic or spiritual abilities. If you are a light worker who is ready to magnify your spiritual gifts, then this headpiece will help lead you onto your healing journey as a healer and teacher.


The main crystal is Labradorite that I cut and polished myself. The intention that I set is to amplify spiritual powers and natural gifts that are already available. This is a magnet to pull these gifts out! The triangle shape is also an amplifier, so be ready!


Materials are Labradorite crystal, blue aventurine quartz, quartz crystal, 14k gold plated chain.

Labradorite Magic Power Activation

SKU: 442343
  • Returns are accepted within 3 days after receiving the item if you feel don’t resonate with this piece. You are welcomed to return item as new or exchange for another piece. If any repairs are needed afterwards, please contact me directly. There is a small fee for repairs.

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