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This piece connects back to the Atlantean ancient time when magic was a way of life! Manifesting was embraced by connecting with the mind, body, and soul. The balance of all, and this 3rd eye activation will inspire a grounding strength to help your inner power. You will feel inspired and creative as you calmly achieve your goals and dreams!

The main crystal is Jasper with helps to ground your body, mind, and soul. I cut and polished each crystal and designed it by the inspirations of Atlantis. The triangle shape were used to create a vortex of energy. I channeled the energy and replicated some of the jewelry worn by the people.


This piece is both a 3rd eye headpiece and Pendant. They go together as a set to create a vortex of energy.


Materials: Jasper crystal and beads, crystals, brass chain

Atlantean 3rd Eye Activation Pendant Set

SKU: 78979
  • Returns are accepted within 3 days after receiving the item if you feel don’t resonate with this piece. You are welcomed to return item as new or exchange for another piece. If any repairs are needed afterwards, please contact me directly. There is a small fee for repairs.

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