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This is your time to shine! If you are reading this now, you are ready to become a version of yourself that goes beyond what you have ever imagined. This is a platform that helps you to learn about how you can be in your full potential. We offer many teachings and resources to help you learn how to shine your light, and be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!!!


Who am I

I am a "Frequency Muse" who is here to help you raise your own frequency, so you can be the best version of yourself you choose to be.

You are your own greatest healer, and what you may need is a muse to help you bring out all of your inner gifts and power! YES, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN GIFTS AND POWER!

"All you need is to discover the light that already exist within you, and just open your heart"

Amy Stardust

What I offer

Purple Stars

One on One Frequency Muse Coaching Session

These sessions are a designed to help you bring out your full potential by tapping into your energy frequency. Sessions are remote.

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Violet Flame Session

This session can be offered as remote healing or in person. It will neutralize your energy field removing any and all lower frequencies. Replacing with higher frequency energy.

Chakra Frequency Cleanse

This session will help balance your Chakras and Aura energetic field. This is a in person treatment ONLY!

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Amy is truly highly gifted, genuine, force of healing, and enlightenment for the greater good of all. As a coach for over 3 decades myself, I turn to her in my moments of distress, and regardless, I attend her classes to witness her ingenious ways, and for the fact that she IS connected (as few light workers are) An absolute must, she is a real gem of a resource for all seeking a hight path and organic way to cope with life, and achieve harmonious success.

Vince Kelvin

"Amy has a vibrant energy and strong intuition. I really resonate with her bright energy, openness, and candour. During healing sessions with Amy, she has helped me to release emotions and work through areas where I was stuck. As a facilitator, she creates a safe space that allows honest sharing, even in a group setting. I have enjoyed the varied topics and depth of discussions. Starseed Circle has provided me with amazing support and connection- especially during all the stressors in 2020. I absolutely feel a part of the Starseed Circle community even though I'm on the other side of the world! Thank you Amy for sharing your gifts! Looking forward to many more Starseed Circles to come!"

Kelly Dang

I have had the privilege of working with Amy multiple times. Each session is a unique experience. She's really able to tune into my energy and discover what I need in the moment. She uses an array of dynamic techniques and tools, including energy and frequency devices to provide a truly holistic experience. She has helped me with things from stomach aches, pain in my shoulders, clarity with making future decisions and is most of all so loving and support through every single session. I feel like my life is expanded so much from receiving her healing. She has a magic touch, and is so in tune with energy, I always know that I'm in good hands when I'm with Amy.

Kerry Auret


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370 Obispo Ave Unit 1

Long Beach, CA 90814

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